Open your Faraday Web UI (http://localhost or https://example.faradaysec.com) and log in with your credentials.

If you wish to change your password, run faraday-manage change-password

Once in, this is the default view.


So, let's create a New Workspace.
Click on the 'New' Button:

Add a Workspace Name and some Description and then click 'OK'
Now, click on your workspace name to see your workspace dashboard.


Lets create a new Host! Click on 'Manage', then 'Hosts', and create a new one.

Specify the IP address and click on 'OK'
Perfect! Now we can create our first vulnerability.


Go to 'Vulns', click on 'New' 

And select your host, add a name and a description and click 'Ok'
As your final step, let's create our first Executive Report.


Go to label 'Insight' and create a new Report.

Add the Title, the Client, and choose one from the defaults Templates, click 'OK'

And there it is! Your first template, download it as .docx and open it. 

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