Using Markdown on a Report

Using Markdown on a Report

For using markdown on Executive Reports, please enable it on /home/faraday/.faraday/config/server.ini by adding:

markdown = true

On your templates, to render the markdown you must use the p filter, like this: 

{{ p vuln.description }}

Executive report supports markdown on the following fields:

  • Vulnerability description

  • Vulnerability data

  • Executive report scope

  • Executive report objectives

  • Executive report summary

  • Executive report conclusions

  • Executive report recommendations

And the following styles:


# H1 / ## H2 / ### H3


**bold text**


*italicized text*


> blockquote



Horizontal Rule




| Syntax | Description | 

| ----------- | ----------- |

| Header | Title |

| Paragraph | Text |

Fenced Code Block



firstName: ""John"",

lastName: ""Smith"",

age: 25




~~The world is flat.~~

Inline Images

You can use inline images with Faraday Evidence in the fields above by adding an Evidence file to your vulns and adding markdown like this:


For example, if you wanted to explain how to reproduce the issue in the Vulnerability description:

The Vulnerability is triggered by opening the following url:

After you open the vulnerable url, enter the following on the form:

The following screenshot shows the database contents:


Make sure to always leave a space between your text and your image, otherwise the text above it won't be rendered.

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