OSINT Provider

OSINT Provider

In many parts of the Web UI you will see an icon to search the Host or Service information in Shodan:

Search in Shodan

You can modify this to use any other service you want by changing the<osint>line in your ~/.faraday/config/user.xml file and restarting the Faraday Server. For example, with this one you can use Censys:

{"host": "censys.io",
"prefix": "/ipv4?q=",
"suffix": "",
"use_external_icon": true,
"icon": "https://censys.io/static/img/icon.png",
"label": "Censys"}

Search in Censys

Or with this code it will use NetDB:

{"host": "netdb.io",
"prefix": "/search?q=",
"suffix": "",
"icon": "netdb",
"use_external_icon": false,
"label": "NetDB"}

Search in NetDB

As you see, you will have to put a JSON inside the tag. This are the important keys to set:

  • host, prefix and suffix determine the link to the OSINT provider. For example, in the Censys example if you want to search for a host with IP, you will be taken to http://censys.io/ipv4?q= when you click the OSINT icon.
  • The label defines the text that will be shown when you place the mouse over the icon.
  • icon defines the path to the image with the provider's logo. If use_external_icon is true, it has to be a full URL. If it is false, the icon value has to be the name of a file in the server/www/images/ directory, without the extension (it must be .png).

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