Managing Workspaces

Managing Workspaces


The workspaces are used to hold the information re-collected from the different tools and/or commands used in the "actions" for each Penetration Test. Each workspace integrates all the results from pentesters from a given project in the Web console allowing you to identify and manage your information in one place.

How to manage a Workspace

To manage your workspaces you need to access Faraday's Web UI and click on the Faraday slider menu on the right of the screen.

Here you can see a list of all available workspaces, where you can create, edit or eliminate them as you wish.


How to make a Workspace

Web UI

From the workspaces window click on New and complete

  • Workspace name
  • Description (optional)
  • Owner
  • Start Date / End Date
  • Scope of workspace
  • Users that can access the workspace

Editing a Workspace

From the workspace window click on Edit

Deactivating Workspaces or making them Read-Only

You can also activate/deactivate your Workspaces and/or mark them as Read-Only. This will affect the amount of active Workspaces in your license. For example, if your license has 5 concurrent Workspaces (default Professional version) and you need an extra one and don't need a previous one, all you need to do is deactivate the old one and now you can create a new Workspace for your project. 

Deleting Workspaces

From the workspaces window click on Delete

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