Only available from Faraday v3.10 onwards

First of all, navigate to:


Click on Try Okta and Sign Up:

Remember your user and workdomain from user@workdomain.com

Okta will send you an e-mail with the URL and your temporary password, use those to log-in into Okta.

Enter to the Directory Integrations Label (https://<domain>.okta.com/admin/people/directories) from your Okta URL.

And Click Add LDAP Interface

Now, open with VIM or Nano /home/faraday/.faraday/config/server.ini and add the next lines to it (remember to change the <domain> spaces):

enabled = true
server = <domain>.ldap.okta.com
domain_dn = OU=users, DC=<domain>, DC=okta, DC=com
domain =<domain>.okta.com
admin_group = fadmin
pentester_group = fpentester
client_group = fclient
use_ldaps = true
use_start_tls = false
port = 636
disconnect_timeout = 2.0
use_local_roles = true
default_local_role = admin
bind_format = DN
bind_dn = dc=<domain>,dc=okta,dc=com

Now, restart Faraday Server with $ systemctl restart faraday-server

Login into Faraday with the User and Password you used to login into Okta.

(Remember you can only access as an Admin user and you can't create more users).

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