Faraday is not importing my report

Faraday is not importing my report

First let's make sure there is a Plugin to parse it so make sure your tool is listed in our Plugin List.  Not there? Code your own or ask us to do it.

You can also try to force Faraday to process a report with a certain plugin. For example, let's say you have a Metasploit report that Faraday is not detecting. You can change the report so that it ends with _faraday_Metasploit (first letter of the plugin in uppercase), so it'll end up as myreport_faraday_Metasploit.xml, and then copy it to /home/faraday/.faraday/reports/{workspacename} in the Client. This of course works for any plugin, not only Metasploit.

Keep in mind that Plugins don't run on the Server, so if you're trying to copy the report file, make sure you're doing it on the Client.

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