Faraday Client Installation

Faraday Client Installation

How to Install Faraday-Client
We announced our decision to no longer maintain Faraday Client for our customers. We want to thank you for using it and provide feedback!
See how to move into faraday-cli

We do not recommend to install the Faraday Client and the Faraday Server on the same machine, in case you need to do this, just execute the following command:
  1. sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite ./<faraday_client_asset> 2>/dev/null

You can get Faraday's Client installers (.deb or .rpm) on our Customer Portal.

Now, execute:
  1. $ apt install ./<faraday_client_asset>
For running the Client with the GUI, simply run:
  1. $ faraday-client
You will need to set:
 - Faraday Server URL (example: http://localhost:5985/ or https://example.faradaysec.com/
 - Username for accessing Faraday Web UI (example: faraday).
 - Password.

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