Custom Fields

Custom Fields


Custom Fields allow you to extend the Vulnerability's model with more fields. Custom fields type can be int, str, list, and choice.

You can also use Custom Fields with your Executive Report templates.

If you want to learn more about the usage of Custom Fields through Faraday's API, follow this link.

How to create Custom Fields

From Web UI

You can create/edit/delete a Custom Field from Settings. 

From Terminal

Step 1: Add Custom Field

$ faraday-manage add-custom-field

Step 2: After the command execution, you will be prompted by a wizard where you must input the following information:

  • Field name: the name of the field.

  • Display name: the display name that you will see on the Vulnerability form.

  • Type: data type of the field, it can be: int, str, list or choice.

  • Order: the order shown on the vulnerability form.

The following example will add the CVSS field to the vulnerability model:

Step 3:
After successfully creating the custom field, you will see it on the Vulnerability form:

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