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      • Troubleshooting Intro

        This guide is intended to provide solutions for common problems. If your problem is not listed below, make sure to contact us! Before moving on, verify that you are using the latest available version running faraday-manage status-check for the Server ...
      • FAQs

        Where does the name come from? The name was picked to honor Michael Faraday, an English scientist whose main discoveries include electromagnetism induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis. Mainly his six principles of scientific discipline, acquired ...
      • Report a security vulnerability in Faraday

        If you've found a security vulnerability in Faraday, please send us an email with all relevant information about your discovery to: To encrypt your communications or to verify signed messages you receive from us you can use ...
      • Faraday Manage

        Faraday Manage is a backend tool that helps us administrate Faraday's configuration. To use Faraday Manage, you can run it as follow: $ faraday-manage COMMAND If you run faraday-manage, it will list all the available commands. Available Commands ...
      • Faraday is not importing my report

        First let's make sure there is a Plugin to parse it so make sure your tool is listed in our Plugin List.  Not there? Code your own or ask us to do it. You can also try to force Faraday to process a report with a certain plugin. For example, let's say ...