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× With the upcoming release of v 3.15.0 you will need to download your license from the Customer Portal, please click here for more informati​on.
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    • 3.15.0 License Update Needed

      As we are constantly thriving to bring you exciting new features and capabilities, we will require that you install your license from the Portal prior to our next release on May 18, 2021. Please go here to see the steps: Here!
    • Jinja was looking for the following tags: 'endmacro'.

      Upon FaradaySEC v3.12 we upgraded our jinja templates libraries, this affected our macro. In our original template the macro contains a "-" which is now incompatible and requires template update. The correct macro is: {% macro severity(name) %}{% if ...
    • Faraday vulnerability search

      The vulnerability search allows you to build search queries to search for vulnerabilities. screenshot of vulnerability search Understanding search For using the search you need to know the vulnerability attributes and its relationships. Vulnerability ...
    • License manual installation

      First Installation: If the server does not have access to internet. Download the license from the portal. Uncompress the file to the following directory: /home/faraday/.faraday/doc The license file is a .tar.gz Now you can reload the faraday server ...
    • Walkthrough

      Login Open your Faraday Web UI (http://localhost or https://example.faradaysec.com) and log in with your credentials. If you wish to change your password, run faraday-manage change-password Once in, this is the default view. Workspaces So, let's ...